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The Foundation of Freedom

I love the summer! Working in the garden, and in the yard, even mowing can be a time of enjoyment with the beauty of the outdoors. Yesterday afternoon after finishing some yard work, it was so hot I was drenched when I finished. I couldn't wait to get inside and stand next to the air-conditioning vent and just let that cold air envelope me. It came to my mind while standing there, we are so blessed to have things like air-conditioning. We take so much for granted.

As we celebrate July 4th my thoughts go back to those people two-hundred thirty years ago who were without the benefits you and I enjoy today. Think about it, no air-conditioning, no overhead fans, no Ban Roll-on deodorant, meeting day after day talking about the intolerable situation the Colonies were experiencing. Pressured by injustice from the King of England, the policies that were levying undue tax on them, something had to change. They said "we have got to be set free of this." So great was their desire for freedom, they felt it was worth the cost. So, with pen in hand, the Declaration of Independence was inked.

Lasting and honest freedom does not occur by chance. Freedom's presence, or its absence, is the inevitable result of the spiritual foundation that forms the character of an individual or nation. If that foundation is right, freedom will endure. If that foundation is wrong, freedom will die. It is no accident this land has long enjoyed real freedom nor that some present day nations do not. America was built on a foundation that couldn't help but produce freedom. Some nations rest on a foundation that can't help but kill it.

Our Nation was founded on "IN GOD WE TRUST". Real freedom can only exist when it is built on a foundation that directs us toward all the positive potential we possess. It must be built on truth. Only when Jesus is the foundation of our life will freedom exist in our life because then and only then will we know and live in truth. Jesus is that truth that sets us free.